Belted Tunic : Part 3

The front and back of the tunic now completed, I’m now working on the collar, which is made in two sections.  This is in a ribbed lace effect, which proved challenging at the outset.  It’s also one of those patterns where you have to knit a fair amount before you get the satisfaction of seeing it emerge.  It’s not my favourite part of the pattern, but it’s effective, especially for creating a cosy collar.  The back is nearing completion, then it’s the front section’s turn, which will take longer, being more stitches.

Belted Tunic - 03 - Collar - Back Section

Back Section of the Belted Tunic Collar

Once the two collar sections are completed, that will leave only the belt to make.  After that, there’s the sewing stage as the pattern doesn’t call for any ironing/blocking.

Jenny’s getting quite excited now, as the end draws near 



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