WIP-ping up a hat – Episode 4

After a delay to obtain a small cable-length 6mm circular needle and 6mm DPNs (double pointed needles), I’ve finally finished the smocked tam for Jenny:

Jenny’s thrilled!  :D I must admit that, though perhaps I shouldn’t say so myself, it looks really good.  The smocking process was very simple and gives a very nice effect  It will be good to see Jenny wearing both her tunic and the hat..I’ve still got some scope for other accessories in the same yarn as there was a definite surplus!


Belted Tunic : Finalé

At around 4 this morning I finished the belted tunic!  Sewing on the collar was challenging but ample pinning saw me through it.  Jenny is thrilled with it and has worn it all day today  Despite her aversion to cameras, I was able to get a photo of her modelling the tunic:

Belted Tunic - 05 - Final

Jenny modelling the Belted Tunic

I’m happy to say that others have also liked the finished tunic.

This must now count as the most challenging project that I’ve completed!

Belted Tunic : Part 4

Well, I’ve got to the last part: the belt.  Of course, it was inevitable that something would mean adapting the pattern!  We were unable to find a big buckle.  Jenny, actually, prefers a smaller buckle anyway so I’ve had to adapt the pattern, to accommodate a narrower buckle.  So, keeping to the style of the belt in the pattern, I’m knitting the belt to the following:

Cast on 7 sts using 6mm needles
Row 1: P2, K1, P1, K1, P2
Row 2: P3, K1, P3
Rep these 2 rows until 38” long
Cast off

And this is producing:

Belted Tunic - 04 - Belt

The belt for the Belted Tunic

It’s quick but very repetitive work.  Still, the end is in sight!


Belted Tunic : Part 3

The front and back of the tunic now completed, I’m now working on the collar, which is made in two sections.  This is in a ribbed lace effect, which proved challenging at the outset.  It’s also one of those patterns where you have to knit a fair amount before you get the satisfaction of seeing it emerge.  It’s not my favourite part of the pattern, but it’s effective, especially for creating a cosy collar.  The back is nearing completion, then it’s the front section’s turn, which will take longer, being more stitches.

Belted Tunic - 03 - Collar - Back Section

Back Section of the Belted Tunic Collar

Once the two collar sections are completed, that will leave only the belt to make.  After that, there’s the sewing stage as the pattern doesn’t call for any ironing/blocking.

Jenny’s getting quite excited now, as the end draws near 


Belted Tunic : Part 2

The front is nearing completion:

Belted Tunic - 02 - Front
Belted Tunic – 02 – Front

The neckline is now established and I’m nearing the shoulder shaping.  This is such an easy pattern to follow!  At current rate, it will be completed in no time.  If you’re interested, the details of the pattern source can be found here, on Ravelry.  It’s well worth getting a back issue of Simply Knitting #77 (March 2011)!

Belted Tunic : Part 1

At the weekend, I started making a belted tunic for Jenny.  The pattern is titled Lime Queen in Simply Chunky Knits, a supplement in Simply Knitting magazine.  Jenny chose the yarn herself: Stylecraft Life Chunky, Shade 2319 Mixtures Cranberry, which is 75% Acrylic/25% Wool.  The tunic features a “skirt” of lacework and a top of ribbing, with a cowl collar.  It’s a beautiful garment, designed by Pat Menchini.

I’ve gotten this far:

Belted Tunic - 01 - Front

Belted Tunic - 01 - Front

I’ll try to update you on progress as I go along.