Caron International Free Project : Cables and Lace Baby Blanket

I’m seriously thinking about making this: Caron International | Free Project | Cables & Lace Baby Blanket.  I love doing cables and I’m making progress in my relationship with lace LOL.  With a baby due around September, this could be a very special gift.  I’m going to have to look around at some nice, gender-neutral, soft yarns!

Baby Knits

Finished a nice set of lace pattern bootees and mittens yesterday:

Lace Pattern Bootee and Mitten Set
Lace Pattern Bootee and Mitten Set

I used the 4-ply Lace Pattern Set pattern in Hayfield baby’s bootique booklet (#7016) but used double knit (8-ply) yarn on smaller needles.  It’s a nice, easy pattern to work.  Happily, they were very well received!