Another Jenny Make

Last night, Jenny started experimenting with making beaded stitch and place markers for knitting use.  It’s a learning curve as we’ve only got the little plastic stitch markers and place markers have always been loops of scrap yarn.  One thing I’ve always hated about those yarn place markers is the way the loops go sloppy and then “creep” so making stitch counting a problem.  The beaded ones, however, have enough weight to stop that happening.  I’d seen the beaded stitch markers others make, and in all honesty had thought them to be no more than a bit of pretty bling.  Now, I know that they’re actually very useful, and definitely superior to the cheap little markers, which have a nasty habit of pinging off, often without being noticed.

Here are a couple of place markers Jenny made for me:


Knitting Place Markers

Knitting Place Markers

I’m looking forward to using these in place of yarn scraps!

Considering how often markers are used, and the fact that they are obligatory in many patterns, especially knitting in the round, I think that having this particular form of bling is very worthwhile!