Belted Tunic : Part 4

Well, I’ve got to the last part: the belt.  Of course, it was inevitable that something would mean adapting the pattern!  We were unable to find a big buckle.  Jenny, actually, prefers a smaller buckle anyway so I’ve had to adapt the pattern, to accommodate a narrower buckle.  So, keeping to the style of the belt in the pattern, I’m knitting the belt to the following:

Cast on 7 sts using 6mm needles
Row 1: P2, K1, P1, K1, P2
Row 2: P3, K1, P3
Rep these 2 rows until 38” long
Cast off

And this is producing:

Belted Tunic - 04 - Belt

The belt for the Belted Tunic

It’s quick but very repetitive work.  Still, the end is in sight!



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