Not Just Knitting : Friendship!

This post is only incidentally involved with knitting!  It’s more about friendship, really.

Both Jenny and I were upset by an incident last week, which I won’t go into.  Anger and distress in equal measure were involved, though.  Well, first of all, a friend gave Jenny some cash and told her that he’d like me to make him a sweater  like mine!  I’m proud of that sweater, but I was amazed at the request, not considering myself that good a knitter.  I have previously made him a scarf, but that’s much simpler!  I’ve got plenty of time though, as he wants it for next winter.  In truth, it’s a way for him and his partner to help us with that which upset us.

Today, another friend brought a carrier bag in to where Jenny works, saying that there were some “T-shirts and things” in it for me.  When Jenny looked, she was quick to say that we’d very likely share LOL!  The bag contained official gear from the Oakland Raiders (NFL*) and several cricket teams from the IPL**!  Jenny has claimed a bright yellow T-shirt from the Chennai Super Kings – I’ve yet to choose my preferred team  To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement!  It’s yet another demonstration of support and friendship at a time when we most needed it.

There are no adequate words to convey just how much these two acts of kindness and caring mean to us!


* NFL =American football

** IPL = Indian Premier League (cricket)