Charting Software and News

As I’ve been struggling to do much at all, it’s natural that I’ve got very little to say.  I’ve done a few rows of this, a few rows of that, but nothing too complicated, in the realm of knitting.  I’ve not done a huge amount of cross stitch either, just a little green dragon and an Oriental lady is in progress, the latter being the most complicated piece I’ve done so far!  It’s immensely frustrating – my fingers keep twitching, demanding activity!

Many years ago, we obtained a cross stitch magazine which had a nice freebie on it – a program to allow charts to be designed.  It’s an excellent program, provided you’re prepared to learn to limit floss colour numbers and size of any picture imported into it.  That’s true of all charting software, of course.  Anyway, Jenny asked me to let somebody know more about it and I had to remind her that it isn’t actually available (as far as I know) unless you’re lucky enough to come across it in a charity shop or similar.  That said, Ikuta Software & Design Studio provide a very nice package which serves a very similar function, though without the same number of “bells and whistles”.  In fact, they offer two packages:

  • KG-Chart for Cross Stitch, and
  • KG-Chart for Bead Weaving
They are almost identical.  The difference being that one refers to DMC floss while the other refers to Delica Beads and TOHO Best Beads.  Apparently, they are working on a commercial version of the bead weaving version.  At the moment, both packages are available free, though you can opt to make a donation to the programmer.  I recommend both for anybody who would like to try their hand at designing.  You can always move on to a more sophisticated commercial product later, if you wish.

High Calibre ebooks!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a great piece of software.  Many people are now using ebooks, an increasing number of which are designed specifically for viewing on specific ebook readers.  Managing these can be troublesome, and not all formats can be read on all readers.  Well, Calibre overcomes this!  It can aid the management of your ebooks, with libraries for specific genres (for example: fiction, knitting, crochet) and can also upload them to your reader.  Calibre can also convert your ebooks to different formats and allows printing of those viewed via its own viewer (I haven’t used this feature myself but the print preview appears to exclude pictures).

All in all, Calibre is definitely worth getting – especially as it’s free!

How To Decrease Evenly.

This is going to be a much used website for me! I detest the “decrease x sts evenly across row” instruction in patterns!  With this, the headaches become a thing of the past.  Hooray!

Knitting How To decrease evenly..

This is just one of several very useful tools that The Knitting Fiend kindly provides.  Check them out here.

Knit Design Studio

Yesterday, I discovered a great piece of software!  Knit Design Studio by Savannah Winds allows charting of knitting designs, with a good range of symbols set up for your use.  You can even design cables in it!  It’s not only excellent for creating your own charts.  I have often come across charts that can rapidly become confusing when accommodating different sizes of garment, with the need to leave out some symbols when working smaller sizes.  It’s very simple to transcribe the chart, excluding the unwanted symbols, for the size that you’re working on using this software.  The printed chart (and any notes you might add in the instructions page) will make working much simpler.

I’d rate this as one of the best programs for knitters that I’ve seen, and it’s free!