That’s right, I said “Despicable!”.  OK, so that should actually be: Despicable Me, as in the animated movie of that name…  Without doubt, he characters that seem to have been liked most are the Minions!  These strange little folk have won many hearts and that’s proven by the fact that there is a knitting pattern.  Kat Lewinski’s pattern is fun and quick, though some experience is needed of the techniques used.  Numbered with those who love the minions is Jenny LOL.  Naturally, therefore, it was inevitabale that I’d end up knitting one for her.  He’s now to be found dangling from her workaday handbag!

Jenny's Minion

Jenny's Minion


A little while ago I was asked to make a scarf for somebody I know through the internet.  They want one that is in all black, which is murder on my poor old eyes.  I agreed to have  a go but had to think of some way to alleviate the problem of knitting with black yarn under artificial light.  In the end, I opted to experiment.  I’m delighted to report that the experiment is a complete success and the scarf is growing fast!  Basically, it couldn’t be simpler…  I’m using ordinary DK yarn but with 10mm needles!  The results are a delight.  It produces a light, soft, warm fabric that’s ideally suited to a scarf.  It’s also far less stressful on my eyes!

10mm Scarf

10mm Scarf WIP

The open texture gives a lace-like appearance.  I think this technique would be equally suited to tights, socks/stockings/tights, shawls, blankets and Afghans/throws.

The Grasshopper Effect

This last few days has been something of a mixture of activities!  I’m still working on the sweater (I’ve actually started a sleeve at last) but gemstones have been distracting me!  In fact, I’ve been hooked!!  I now have my own supply of gemstones – though it’s been much reduced over the last week…  I honestly never expected to ever become a jewellery maker but I’ve been having fun making stuff.  I’ve had a go at earrings, bracelets and even a necklace!

You can see most of what I’ve made here.

I’ve discovered that jewellery making is just as addictive as any craft – be warned!  Once you start, stopping becomes unthinkable…