Remarkable Bamboo

Following on from my poll on needles, I managed to obtain some bamboo needles and one pair of wooden (beech) needles.  At the time of writing this, the voting results are:

  1. Metal (35.3%)
  2. Bamboo (32.4%)
  3. Wood (29.4%)
  4. Other (3%) – not specified
  5. Plastic (0%)

Good cases were made for all the favoured types.  Naturally, there’s no substitute for personal experience.  That’s why I obtained bamboo and wood needles for myself.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the wooden needles but they are 7mm!  The bamboo, however, I have tried.  I have to say that it took very little testing for them to replace metal as my favourites!  It was quite strange, though.  One reason why I dislike plastic needles is that they seem to drag on the yarn terribly.  Now, there’s a similar sense of drag with bamboo needles (new ones, at least), but the yarn still moves more smoothly than with plastic.  A big plus is that they allow free movement of the stitches but aren’t as slippery as metal, which are often so slippery as to be difficult to handle without dropping stitches!  Also, bamboo needles don’t slip between fingers/thumbs as easily, and they don’t engender as much joint and/or muscle pain as metal.

All in all, bamboo gets my vote as best!