Sock It To Me… The Sequel : Part 2

I’ve completed the first of the classic cable socks for Jenny:

Classic Cable Socks - WIP03

Classic Cable Socks - WIP03

Just have to knit the second one now!

Sock It To Me… The Sequel

I’m making progress on the classic cable socks for Jenny:

Since starting these socks, I’ve learnt something new.  Apparently, there’s a rule that the pattern instruction Sl 1 means Slip 1 stitch purlwise unless otherwise stated.  Having encountered patterns where this is stipulated and those where some other action is dictated, plus several where no guidance is given, I naturally assumed that you slip stitches in the manner of other stitches in the row – i.e. slip knitwise on a knit row or purlwise on a purl row.  When I reached the heel flap and turn heel, I followed that assumption.  Not having reference books or a computer handy at the time (we were out and about), I had no chance to investigate the undefined instruction.  I find it odd that the pattern includes the definitions:

ssk (slip, slip, knit) Slip next 2 sts as if to knit, one at a time, to right needle; insert left needle into fronts of these 2 sts and k them togther


sl = slip

but the sl definition doesn’t simply add the word purlwise for clarity!  Why?  Why assume the reader knows the rule or can look it up?  It seems very odd to me…

Well, all my slipped stitches are done wrong, except the SSKs, but I’m not going to “fix” them!  I actually like the effect I’ve got, especially as it cushions the back of the heel.  What a pity, though, that the confusion arose because the pattern writer thought that one eight letter word was superfluous…

Sock It To Me…

Yes, I’ve finished my first ever pair of socks!

Sock WIP03

Sock WIP03

I’m delighted with the result.  And now I know how much more comfortable they are than bought socks, I’m going to be making more!  In fact, I’ve already started making a pair for Jenny – Lion Brand’s Classic Cable Socks.  A bigger challenge, using DPNs and a cable needle… but so far, so good.  I’m making them in Cygnet Yarns DK Shade 150, Heather, on 2.75mm DPNs (the smallest I’ve used so far).

Edit to add WIP photo:

Here’s a WIP photo of the Classic Cable Socks:

Classic Cable Socks - WIP01

Classic Cable Socks - WIP01

Sweating Over A New Project : WIP Part 2

I finished the back of the sweater on Thursday.   Now I’m back to using 3mm metal needles to start the front!  Murder on my hands but I’ve only got one, old bamboo 3mm needle.  I’m pleased with the look of the back.

Paul's Sweater - WIP02
Paul’s Sweater – WIP02

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

I’ll be glad to get back onto my 3.75mm bamboo needles on the front part!  I’ll also be glad to get the bulk of the black out of the way again, but that’s some days away yet.  I’m still working on other projects to break up knitting in black, and to ease both my eyes and my hands.  The sock is the primary thing but I’ve also started work on making a bag to my own design.

I’m making the bag in Aran (Stylecraft), in a lovely denim colour.  It will feature two cable panels, one on each face, and four two-colour “knot” panels, two on each face.  I’ve written up the basic pattern instructions and am amending it when necessary as I progress.  I’m knitting it in the round, on a 6mm x 40cm circular needle, to minimise sewing and in hopes that it will make the bag stronger.  I was originally planning on using ready made handles but having seen the prices, I’ve decided to knit the handles too, making them double thickness and also knitted as part of the main body, rather than making them separately.  There’s nothing to see yet, really, so I’m not including a photo at this stage.  I’ve yet to select the two colours for the knot panels so I won’t be getting very far just yet, as I’ll have to find the yarn and buy it.

As a substitute “distraction project”, I’ve located some cotton yarn in our stash and I’m planning on making another cloth with that.  It’s quite soft and if it knits up that way, it will become a face cloth for one of our granddaughters   Of course, if that comes to be, then I’m going to have to do another for our other granddaughter 

Caron International Free Project : Cables and Lace Baby Blanket

I’m seriously thinking about making this: Caron International | Free Project | Cables & Lace Baby Blanket.  I love doing cables and I’m making progress in my relationship with lace LOL.  With a baby due around September, this could be a very special gift.  I’m going to have to look around at some nice, gender-neutral, soft yarns!

Major Project Completed!

I finished my biggest project to date last night!  The pattern was in Simply Knitting magazine’s Simply Chunky Knits, under the title Big Softy.  It’s a wonderful cable sweater designed by Grace Melville.  It was a challenge, but only due to being the most significant single object I’ve attempted.

The photos make it look as though the sleeves are uneven but that’s a consequence of the size hanger I used!  The sweater’s a perfect fit, happily.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed making it.  I couldn’t get a 10mm circular needle, but the 9mm one I used for the neckband (which is worked in the round) worked fine.  Interestingly, I knitted it in Stylecraft‘s Life Super Chunky (Shade 2377 Sage) rather than just chunky.  Knowing that I was using a somewhat heavier yarn, I did try to adjust my tension to compensate.  The yarn’s beautiful to work with and is super soft.  It’s 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool.


Cable Creation

Having followed patterns that involved cables and slipped stitches, I decided that it was time for me to follow up on my desire to design my own cable patterns.  I mentioned Knit Design Studio in an earlier post and it was this that I used to create a chart.  I’m delighted with how the test swatch turned out.  I used double knit yarn and 4.5mm needles for it.

I named it Owl Totem cable because the second section, vertically, resembles an owl to me!  In addition to cables, the pattern includes slipped stitches to bracket the design.


Knit Design Studio

Yesterday, I discovered a great piece of software!  Knit Design Studio by Savannah Winds allows charting of knitting designs, with a good range of symbols set up for your use.  You can even design cables in it!  It’s not only excellent for creating your own charts.  I have often come across charts that can rapidly become confusing when accommodating different sizes of garment, with the need to leave out some symbols when working smaller sizes.  It’s very simple to transcribe the chart, excluding the unwanted symbols, for the size that you’re working on using this software.  The printed chart (and any notes you might add in the instructions page) will make working much simpler.

I’d rate this as one of the best programs for knitters that I’ve seen, and it’s free!

Keep The Tea Warm!

Just before Christmas, my eldest son (Damien) asked me if I could knit him a tea cosy Naturally I confidently said “Yes” and worried about it later! Well, of course, I could find all sorts of patterns – in crochet. Eventually, I located one in an old pattern book: Patons Bazaar Time 172. In fact, it contains a few, but I could only envision making one of them. The Chunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy looked fairly simple, even if it did mean learning to use a cable needle. The problem I had was that I didn’t have enough yarn to make it in one colour. As a result, it’s made out of red on one side and black on the other, with a bottom border with the other colour on each side.  Jenny thinks it looks like a can-can dancer LOL!

Clhunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy
Clhunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy

I managed to finish it by Christmas Day, when I was finally able to sew it together, as Damien had the teapot it was for! He seemed happy with the result, at least

Triple Braid Cable Scarf

Kimberley's ScarfI made this scarf for the youngest of my granddaughters, for Christmas.  It’s based on the cable pattern from New Ideas in Knitted Cables.  I added a four stitch garter stitch border on each side.  It’s only a little scarf but was still a challenge for me, as a beginner.  The photo isn’t brilliant, and the pink should be more of “baby pink”.  The yarn was a lovely soft double knit but that’s all I know about it, as it came from an old stash and the yarn band had been lost years ago.