Sweating Over A New Project : WIP Part 2

I finished the back of the sweater on Thursday.   Now I’m back to using 3mm metal needles to start the front!  Murder on my hands but I’ve only got one, old bamboo 3mm needle.  I’m pleased with the look of the back.

Paul's Sweater - WIP02
Paul’s Sweater – WIP02

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

I’ll be glad to get back onto my 3.75mm bamboo needles on the front part!  I’ll also be glad to get the bulk of the black out of the way again, but that’s some days away yet.  I’m still working on other projects to break up knitting in black, and to ease both my eyes and my hands.  The sock is the primary thing but I’ve also started work on making a bag to my own design.

I’m making the bag in Aran (Stylecraft), in a lovely denim colour.  It will feature two cable panels, one on each face, and four two-colour “knot” panels, two on each face.  I’ve written up the basic pattern instructions and am amending it when necessary as I progress.  I’m knitting it in the round, on a 6mm x 40cm circular needle, to minimise sewing and in hopes that it will make the bag stronger.  I was originally planning on using ready made handles but having seen the prices, I’ve decided to knit the handles too, making them double thickness and also knitted as part of the main body, rather than making them separately.  There’s nothing to see yet, really, so I’m not including a photo at this stage.  I’ve yet to select the two colours for the knot panels so I won’t be getting very far just yet, as I’ll have to find the yarn and buy it.

As a substitute “distraction project”, I’ve located some cotton yarn in our stash and I’m planning on making another cloth with that.  It’s quite soft and if it knits up that way, it will become a face cloth for one of our granddaughters   Of course, if that comes to be, then I’m going to have to do another for our other granddaughter 

More Mitts 2

The colourful fingerless mitts for Jenny are almost half done!  I’m now praying that I have enough of the yarn left to at least make the second mitt.  Whether they have button bands or not will very much depend on how the yarn holds out.  So, the first mitt now looks like this:

Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP02

Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP02

I won’t sew it up until I know whether or not button bands will be included, as they have to be sewn into the side seams.

Substituting 3mm needles for the 4mm the pattern calls for seems to have worked reasonably well, fortunately.  The fact that the Hullabaloo yarn is Aran weight rather than Double Knit has been effectively negated without having to do any math, though these mitts are marginally smaller than the DK ones, so qualify as small-medium rather than either the small or medium sizes of the pattern.  So far, Jenny loves the look of them!  

More Mitts?

Yes, I’m afraid so!  As a project to break up the strain of knitting the sweater in black, these mitts should prove effective!  It’s the Fable Fingerless Mitts pattern again, but now it’s an adventure.  I’m using the yarn Jenny bought for me yesterday as I only have 50g of it.  These mitts will be for Jenny.  So far, the first one looks like this:


Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP01

Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP01


I’m surprised at how firm the yarn knits up  but love the way the colours are working.  It might be the size needles I’m using – 3mm instead of 4mm as the Colinette yarn is Aran weight, not the double knit that the pattern calls for.  I still have so much to learn!  I’ve never had to adjust sizes for yarn weight before – keep your fingers crossed for me!  :D

As an aside…

The Colinette “ball band” includes a pattern for a hat with ear flaps.  The band says to view a photo of it on their web site but it doesn’t exist!  That’s why I decided not to use that pattern!  The yarn is interesting but Colinette really need to get their act together, judging by this and kate’s comments.

Oh Delight!

Today, while hunting for 6mm DPNs and circulars, we found a delightful shop! I say “shop” but “Emporium” would really be more appropriate! Aladdin’s Cave in fact! Halfpenny Home is magical, to be totally honest.

Greeted with immense warmth, even though we’d never been there before, we were even offered a coffee/tea, as Nic (the owner) was just making herself one.  Oh bliss!  I was frozen on this cold, rainy day (yes, I’d forgotten to put on my posh new mitts!) and my fingers were totally numb!  Poor Jenny was still in shock, trying to take in the fact that she really was in this magical realm!  I must admit, I was equally awed by the hundreds of delectable bamboo needles, and yarns, and buttons, and…..  well, you get the idea! :D Coincidentally, too, Nic heard Jenny call me “Steve” and instantly knew that I was KnitSteve from Ravelry!  Nic’s another Ravelry member…

OK, so I didn’t find any of the 6mm needles that I needed, but Jenny did buy me a skein of gorgeous yarn (Colinette‘s Hullabaloo, Shade 146, Popsicle – Aran weight) and a pair of 3.75mm bamboo straight needles.  One thing I’m sure off: we will be going back!

As for those bamboo needles?  Well, I finally got to try some and I have to say – I love them!!  This sweater is growing much faster with those as they are so superior to the metal ones I was using, and the joints of my hands aren’t hurting anywhere near as much!

The 6mm needles are now on order from an eBay seller…  The hat will get completed!