About Ravelry


“What is Ravelry?”

Ravelry is, without doubt, the premier social site for all those with any interest in Fibres!  Primary, of course, are knitting and crochet, but spinning, fibre arts, and many more interests are incorporated.  Combining social networking, forums, instant chat, member-owned online stores and much more, there is very little you can’t do on this superb site.

Ravelry has hosts of Groups, mostly started by members, and usually “special interest” based.  Each Group has its own rules (in addition to the site-wide ones) and its own “leaders” and resources and discussion forums.  There’s much more though!  You can record details of your projects, yarn stash, needles/hooks, your library, your favourites and lots more.  There are literally thousands of patterns, free or to buy, many of which are designed by members.  If you’re a designer, you can have your own store!  In fact there is very little you can’t do,

I strongly advise you to join, it costs nothing!


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