Disgusted and Furious!

I really thought that this month could only get better.  I was wrong!

I fired up my PC this morning to discover that my Imagineer-ing blog has been deactivated!  No warning, no questions.  Just switched off!  And for what reason?  You can be confident of one thing:

I have not violated any terms of service!

So, just as things on that score, i.e. writing and publishing, are looking good – the whole world just comes tumbling down!  Sure, I know – that’s over dramatic.  To be honest, it’s exactly how I feel, though.  Going through a change in meds, involving the withdrawal of some potent stuff and inadequate replacement with new potent stuff, and therefore meaning my pain levels have gone somewhere beyond Jupiter for today and the next two days, at least.   Like many these days, finances have dried up and that has one significant consequence – no cigarettes – and yes, I know many will think “Good!” but, I really don’t need the withdrawal symptoms from that too!  And, an admitted codeine addict – I was ‘cold turkey’ for over a day and a half because I ran out of tablets.  So yes.  I feel extremely put upon!

Now, I’m pretty certain that WordPress.com don’t have people checking every single one of their hundreds of thousands of blogs.  Conclusion?  Somebody reported mine.  For what, though?  I make no money through the blog!  Yes, there are links to places where people can buy books, but the majority are not my books, nor do I receive any consideration for advertising the works of others.  I have been meticulous about making it very clear that I do not want anything in return – not even reciprocal links!  Perhaps, on the surface, it might appear somewhat commercialised, but the fact is that until this week, it wasn’t even that!  And it has only been so this week because of my health issues – during which time I allowed scheduled posts to take over – posts in which I had little to do.

The only other possibility is that WordPress.com are going to come knocking on every blogger’s door.  Or rather, changing the locks while they’re not looking.  Why?  Could it be a drive to increase income?  “Go Pro” or “Get our experts to do a ‘guided data transfer’” – both fiendishly expensive!  I really hope that’s not the case.

I have, of course, appealed.  I was ungentle, I admit.  I’m afraid that, while generally not overly temperamental, when I do get angry, then “fury” is a severe understatement!

Now, in theory, I could do one of three things:

  1. Start from scratch, using a new blog host, like (shuddering uncontrollably) blogspot – and I really don’t have the energy for that.
  2. Purchase a domain and web hosting, install WordPress.org, and plough through, reconstructing the blog as best I can – see conclusion to 1.


  3. Same as 2. but also paying for WordPress.com for the privilege of recovering all my hard work!

The problem with both 2. and 3. is: cost!  Quite simply I can’t afford to take up either option!

Final conclusion?  I am being penalised for not having money in any significant quantity, and without any consideration for the years of loyalty I have shown to WordPress.com!  And there was also no consideration on their part as to the consequences of their extremely high-handed methods!

I wonder whether this post will lead to further unhappy consequences?


5 thoughts on “Disgusted and Furious!

  1. Wow, Steve, I’m speechless! Please let us know if you find out why WordPress shut you down, and I hope things turn around for you soon–sounds like you’ve had more than enough bad luck lately. Hang in there!

    • Thanks Candace. I will admit that I did lose it lunchtime – just all got a bit too much. I’ll keep you posted, but I’m not holding out much hope. It’s heartbreaking, just when things were coming together so well with the blog. Perhaps that was the problem, though. I really don’t know 😦

  2. This is not right! I’ve been hearing a number of tales of late about bloggers on Blogspot getting their sites deleted by Google, but this is the first instance I’ve heard recently about a WP blog getting deleted. It’s totally wrong if they delete a blog based on one report–all you need is one person who doesn’t like you or what you’re saying.

    Still, I wonder what it could be. Hope you can find out and let us all know.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    • Thanks for your support, Lee. I still haven’t cooled down any since this morning. I’ve checked and rechecked and can find no cause for it. I hate the thought of this sort of thing being possible as a simple dislike by somebody 😦 They claim that they always check any reported blog, but if that’s the case, then they’ve never seen a book blog before!

      I might feel happier if this didn’t mean that I’m letting people down, and if there was any hope of an early resolution. As it is….

      I’ll definitely try to keep you posted – if they don’t kill this blog too!


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