Hangers On…

Recently, we went to HobbyCraft Chelmsford.  While there, I had a good look at the many beads on display.  Initially, my interest stemmed from the fact that I’m sorely tempted to try my hand at jewellery making!  You can blame Jewellery Maker (TV channel, Sky 655).  We were well behaved though – buying very little.  I did get a string of fuchsia glass beads, for making stitch markers with.  Jenny made the markers for me – seven each with a little Tibetan silver humming bird and one with a butterfly:

Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers



4 thoughts on “Hangers On…

  1. I’ve experimented with jewellery making, but it’s HARD! wrapping the wires neatly needs several more hands than I own, I think. Earrings are particularly stressy because most people seem to want two that match…Stick with knitting!

    • LOL! I was never tempted by jewellery making when Jenny used seed beads. A few weeks ago, though, we discovered Jewellery Maker TV (Sky 655). I’m now very inclined to have a go 😉

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