Finishing Old Projects

Like most knitters, I have various projects that I started but which stalled for one reason or another.  Every so often they emerge from hiding and, of course, the idea of actually finishing them surfaces.  Well, there are still some kicking about, but I’ve actually managed to finish two old projects!  The first was originally started way back in January – a sleeveless sweater for myself (it was meant to be for cooler Summer days LOL!).  Knitted in a really nice Aran (Robin, 75% acrylic/25% wool), in Denim (my apologies for the poor quality photo):

"Peter Easy" Sleeveless Sweater
“Peter Easy” Sleeveless Sweater

The pattern has the arm bands being knitted on straight eedles but I did them on a circular needle.  I kept putting off finishing the sweater because I lacked confidence in picking up stitches.  I’ve learnt a great deal from my sock knitting!

The second project is the “Heirloom Teddy” by Patons of Australia, as published in That’s Life magazine.  I went for a plain bear, rather than the more colourful ones in the pattern.  Completed, he’s now with our newest granddaughter – Kayleigh-Anne and goes by the name of Chicago Bear:

Chicago Bear
Chicago Bear

The delay on completing the bear was due to a lack of suitable toy stuffing.


8 thoughts on “Finishing Old Projects

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed. I’m still making blankets and scarves cause I can figure out how to do armholes and necks.
    The bear is great! Chicago Bear is sure to be an instant treasure! What a lucky girl to have such a bear.

  2. The vest looks great! I found knitting socks helped me when I got to sweaters, too – grafting the toes prepared me pretty well for handling the underarm stitches on a seamless sweater.

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