iPod and Socks…

Following being given an iPod touch for my birthday, the first thing I did was to make a knitted cosy for it:

iPod cosy

iPod cosy

It’s based on the iphone case by Charlotte Nash.  I had to adjust the size some, and I added the flap, which is secured with a large bead.  A lightning fast project!

Today will see the completion of the first of the dayflower socks, which had reached this stage when I wrote this:

Dayflower socks WIP01

Dayflower socks WIP01

I love this pattern!

With regard to the iPod, I’m using the app KnitMinder by Quilt2Go to record my projects, and to provide a range of handy counters.  I tried the Lite version first and our eldest son bought me the full app as a surprise!  I’d love to know what JKnit is like to use but there isn’t an evaluation version and it’s rather pricey to take a risk on…



9 thoughts on “iPod and Socks…

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    • Thanks 🙂 The socks are just so easy 😉 I’m thinking about the iPod cosy – it has real scope for some new designs 😀 I’ve got something more protective in mind 😉

  2. Hi, popped over to check out your sock following your comment on my blog – it’s very pretty, in fact I may have to queue that pattern 😉 Thanks for the hint!

  3. Hi Steve – glad your back to knitting – I like both projects they are very pretty. I am working on a scarf for a friend. It is my own pattern. Of course trudging through the Master Knitters program also. A little hard to stay motivated.!

    • Thanks 🙂 I find little projects are good therapy 😉 Hope to see your scarf soon! I’d never have the will to go through the Master Knitters program 😀

  4. Love that sock – I’m not a sock knitter, but the more gorgeous projects I see, the more I get tempted… I just know I’d suffer from second sock syndrome. Hope you haven’t!

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