Crossed Stitches

During the last few days I’ve been playing with something new…. cross stitch!  Jenny has always loved doing cross stitch but I’d only ever dabbled with tapestry before.  I always assumed that I would never be able to do cross stitch.  Then, we bought the magazine The World of Cross Stitching, because it included a free booklet of Oriental motifs.  I looked through the booklet and fell in love with many of the designs, created by Joan Elliott.  Foolishly, I decided I’d quite like to try my hand at one or two of the simplest designs…

These are the first two I’ve done, and they aren’t perfect:

I miscounted a row in the butterfly and I wasn’t consistent in how I created the stitches.  I thought it was just a case of putting stitched Xs on the Aida!  I’ve since learnt better so future projects should be better.  I have also done a Giant Panda but I got left and right muddled so all the stitches in that are worked backwards, but at least they’re consistent, and I got the row count wrong at one point, again.  Jenny has hijacked that project though so I was unable to scan it…


5 thoughts on “Crossed Stitches

  1. Hi Steve. I love cross stitch. Be careful it is addicting. I made my daughter a wedding sampler when she got married. I not only love the process of cross stitch I love the finished product. Great job, keep it up.

  2. Your cross stitch looks amazing, Steve!

    I used to cross stitch a lot but my hands tend to hurt to much for me to do it now and cos of concentration problems I get in a right old pickle!

    I still have a huge cross stitch of Winnie-the Pooh (my favourite!) to finish that I started in 2001! Eep! I’ll dig it out one day and get on with it lol

    You’re so talented, Steve…cross stitch, knitting…is there anything you dont do?? lol

    Take care ~X~

    • Thanks 🙂 I can see every mistake though lol!

      That’s a shame 😦 Have you tried using something to grip the needle more comfortably? I’m sure there must be something like that. Concentration’s more difficult but when I’m like that, I set an easy target point and take a break when I reach it 😉 Perhaps doing both you could finish Winnie-the-Pooh 🙂

      *blush* I’m just desperate to keep active 😉

      Hope you can find a pain-free method of resuming your cross stitch “habit” 🙂 ❤

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