Stitch Switch

I’m feeling kind of proud of myself this morning.  While working on Jenny’s sock, I discovered that I’d made a mistake in the last round I’d knitted.  I had gained an accidental Yarn Over and also knitted what should have been purled!  The thought of tinking back over two and a half needles was really unappealing…  I wasn’t in the mood to go hunting around for guidance on fixing the problem, either, and I was briefly tempted to ignore the error.  However, I decided that there must be a way to fix it, if I thought about it carefully enough.  In a fit of daring, I decided to try to sort out the error!

First of all, I slipped the stitch onto a crochet hook.  I then used a cable needle to lift the loop of the stitch below (that wrapped round the legs of the knit stitch).  Drawing the stitch through the loop, I had the two parts separated.  I then managed to convert the knit stitch into a purl stitch and replace it back on the DPN I’d removed it from.  I felt a great deal of satisfaction in working out what had to be done for myself, without guidance 


10 thoughts on “Stitch Switch

  1. Good on you 🙂 I made my first sock this weekend, which has a purl where there should be a knit. I left it where it is in the end, as I’d got too far past it to bother trying to figure out how to fix it!

    • Congrats! 🙂 There are several errors in my first ever sock 😉 But it was a learning process so I didn’t worry, and none are glaring anyway 😀 Wait till you try on your first pair – you’ll be hooked LOL!

  2. Congratulations! It’s always great picking up a new skill – and converting accidental purls into knits and vice versa will stand you in good stead. Well, if you are anything like me!

  3. Hi Steve, sounds like you are really getting along well with knitting. Pretty soon we’ll be asking you for advice! Have fun:) Judy

  4. I was so scared of trying to fix stitches when I first started knitting. Now I feel like a superhero every time I do it.

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