Easter Knitting Mix

This Easter weekend has seen me behaving like a grasshopper, in knitting terms.  Sunday saw some growth of the sweater, until my fingers started to hurt constantly, using 3mm metal needles.  If only I could get a pair of bamboo needles in that size!  As a gap filler, when resting from the sweater, I continued work on the sock too, and it’s going well – I’ve even turned the heel.  I also started on making another of the rabbit wash cloths for our youngest granddaughter, which I finished this morning, and another yarn blossom.

Eight inches of rib for the sock seemed to take forever and I expected the same for the rest of the sock, but turning the heel didn’t take long at all, even though I did have to tink (undo stitch by stitch) several rounds because I got confused on the decreases after nodding off…  I do have some decreases to go, but I’m feeling much more confident now.  So, the sock is now at this stage:

Sock WIP02a

Sock WIP02a

Sock WIP02b

Sock WIP02b

The yarn blossom, which I named Spring Camelia, was knitted with a variegated yarn that I found in our stash.  It’s 4-ply and we only had a very small bit left, but I do think that it works well for these blossoms:

Yarn Blossom 02 - "Spring Camelia"
Yarn Blossom 02 – “Spring Camelia”

The wash cloth was knitted using a cotton blend yarn that Jenny found in the stash.  Unfortunately, there was no ball band with it, but it’s 4-ply for sure!  It has a subtle sheen and knits up beautifully, with a softer feel than many cotton yarns.  The photo doesn’t do the cloth justice, being rather blurred and nothing like the correct colour.  The yarn is actually a dusky pink!

Hippity Hop! Wash Cloth
Hippity Hop! Wash Cloth

2 thoughts on “Easter Knitting Mix

  1. Wow Steve you’ve been working hard. Do you crochet? Sometimes to relieve knitting stress I crochet. I am working on crocheted slippers for my daughter, a blanket for charity, and my Masters work. Like you, I like variety.

    Great posts, have fun knitting.

    • I’m certainly having fun! 🙂 I’m afraid I can’t crochet – I’ve tried but can’t even get a basic chain done 😦 Sounds like you’re busy too 😉 I guess the crochet is a good way to relax from studying…

      Thanks 🙂

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