Yarn #2 : Cygnet Double Knitting

A while back a friend gave me three 100g balls of yarn, all by Cygnet Yarns Limited.  This 100% acrylic yarn is wonderful to work with.  It knits up beautifully soft, unlike some acrylic yarns.  There are 39 listed colours, of which I have 133 Royal (“Royal Blue”, that is), 6869 Bright Lime and 2297 Chocolate.  The Royal and Bright Lime are both vivid colours.  The Royal I’m using for a pair of socks.  This is not an expensive yarn and yet it out performs some that are (relatively).  Cygnet sell direct from their web site, mostly in packs of 10 balls, as well as through retail outlets.

I can most definitely recommend this yarn!

I’m hoping to obtain some of their Kiddies Kaleidoscope DK as I think it will work very well in making yarn blossoms for embellishing other projects.  If it’s as good as the standard DK, it will be a great buy.


3 thoughts on “Yarn #2 : Cygnet Double Knitting

  1. Thanks for the tip, I’ve not seen Cygnet before. And even though I love natural fibres, I need acrylic for some projects, so it’s good to know of a decent one!

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