Socking and Blooming…

I’ve taken the plunge!  Yes I have, there’s no denying it!  I’m learning to knit socks, on DPNs…  I’ve put it off time and again, because I’ve always found the pattern instructions immensely confusing.  Then, somebody on Ravelry kindly posted a couple of links for online lessons.  I checked them both out and found that I could actually follow the instructions on one of them: Silver’s Sock Class.  I’m now knitting the first part, heading for the heel LOL.  (As an aside here, I was watching an episode of Miss Marple the other evening and I said to Jenny at one point: “Is it sad that I now understand that?”, as one of the characters said that she had been turning heels!)  So far, apart from tangled fingers now and then, I think it’s progressing reasonably well:

Sock WIP01
Sock WIP01

To be honest, it’s now a few inches longer than in the photo.  I’m working in Cygnet double knit, knitting-in-the-round.  It will be more of an occasional WIP, as I’m doing it in between other projects.

As a distraction from the sweater, on Sunday I had a play with a knitted flower: Yarn Blossom.  It only took a few minutes to do but was fun!  I used double knit yarn and 3.75mm needles so it could have been smaller LOL.  I got this result though:

Small Yarn Blossom
Small Yarn Blossom

It can be very relaxing, doing such things in the midst of major projects…


5 thoughts on “Socking and Blooming…

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  2. I love socks. They look so scary before you try them, but I found once I jumped right in (I did the Knitty universal toe-up short-row sock) it was easy to understand the basics and now I pretty much always have a pair in progress. Can’t wait to see yours finished!

    • I’ve heard it can be addictive 😉 I’m more a “variety” addict so I should be safe LOL. I am hoping that I learn enough to try different designs and techniques 😉

      Thanks – could take me a while to finish 🙂

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