A Complaint….

I’m getting quite upset.   Everywhere I turn, participation in some pretty cool things requires being on Facebook™!  Now, I was on Facebook for a few years, but security breaches have been getting ever worse and I’ve suffered as a result.  I’ve had a Gmail account hacked, viruses have attcked my computer, and I’ve been swamped with spam, and all could be traced back to Facebook, without any difficulty!  As a result, about two months ago, I quit Facebook and have no intention of ever going back to it.

Why, oh why, is it that when Facebook is showing so many more problems, are so many more people using it to promote themselves or their companies?   The decision to make some things, including competitions, available only through Facebook is excluding everybody who has had the good sense to either never join it, or to leave it before matters get worse!

Please!!  Please, I appeal to all company owners and individuals using Facebook in these ways to either abandon it or to offer those who reject Facebook an alternative to it!


10 thoughts on “A Complaint….

  1. Facebook is one of the great dividers isn’t it. I have a presence there, but have not been active on it for a very long time. And the reason I started with it has changed somewhat and can be managed via my blog instead.
    I do find it irritating that some (many) people think that life begins and ends with Facebook – I agree the people should remember that not everyone uses it, and provide alternatives where appropriate.
    Oh yeah, and that *everyone* should regularly review their privacy settings in all their convoluted machinations!

    • It is indeed. I never subscribed to the notion that it was the “root of all problems”, but their recent behaviour and security breaches suggests that any confidence in them is misplaced…

      I found it particularly frustrating that whenever Facebook changed things, it was necessary to restore privacy settings, or to be sure to “opt out” of things. You’d think they were capable of following the same legacy principles that other sites do.

  2. Facebook is simply overrated. I’ve never had a privacy issue, but am not interested in any 3rd party site that requires me to log into it through facebook. I don’t want people knowing my last name, thank you very much. I haven’t checked my facebook page in a year. I got tired of seeing a million updates about people’s farms. If people want to connect with me, I have a phone number!

  3. Facebook is driving me mad! Only last week I deleted all of my friends, except for my sister and that was only because she would have moaned endlessly at me.
    I am now back up to three friends (I felt guilty…honestly how stupid is that!?) I won’t be going back up to the 86 I had though. BUT to get back to your point…yes, it really is frustrating and annoying that virtually everything on line nowadays has a click through or a thumbs up to FaceBook. I have shut my FB account down before now only having to re open it when I’ve come across something on Stumble upon or on a Blog; I’ve been taken to FB and been confronted with having to re activate my account!!!
    The reason I am keeping my FB account now (besides not wishing to upset Sis) is because I have a business page and I do pick up a few sales from it. Alas, as a child of the 1960’s I find 21st Century living complicated to say the least.

    • Our kids are on Facebook but they’ve just had to accept that phones, phone texting, email and Google Talk are enough 😉 If some link wants me to be on FB, too bad 😉 I get the business angle, but I never got any buyers from mine so no loss there 🙂 I’m a 60’s child too, but had to learn for work and to stay ahead of the kids 😉

  4. I was on Facebook for only a few months and then I left. Glad to see I’m not the only one to leave them.


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