WIP-ping up a hat – Episode 4

After a delay to obtain a small cable-length 6mm circular needle and 6mm DPNs (double pointed needles), I’ve finally finished the smocked tam for Jenny:

Jenny’s thrilled!  :D I must admit that, though perhaps I shouldn’t say so myself, it looks really good.  The smocking process was very simple and gives a very nice effect  It will be good to see Jenny wearing both her tunic and the hat..I’ve still got some scope for other accessories in the same yarn as there was a definite surplus!



10 thoughts on “WIP-ping up a hat – Episode 4

  1. “I must admit that, though perhaps I shouldn’t say so myself…” – No. Say it. I see no reason not to be completely proud of the things we knit. The first time I knit a cabled hat and looked at it and it was really, truly a cabled hat, I told everyone I could find how awesome it was that I had knit that. I think this thing we do is totally cool and we need to appreciate it at every opportunity.

    That hat is beautiful. I love the color and the texture just looks so squishy and warm. Lucky Jenny!

  2. Thats a super cute hat and it looks like it would be really comfy and warm.

    And I agree with bigmonkeypie that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of what we create and saying it!

  3. Wow! What a great looking hat! I love smocking, it’s such a clever way to add texture and some dynamic!

    You’re definitely not the only one that thinks it looks very good!

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