Remarkable Bamboo

Following on from my poll on needles, I managed to obtain some bamboo needles and one pair of wooden (beech) needles.  At the time of writing this, the voting results are:

  1. Metal (35.3%)
  2. Bamboo (32.4%)
  3. Wood (29.4%)
  4. Other (3%) – not specified
  5. Plastic (0%)

Good cases were made for all the favoured types.  Naturally, there’s no substitute for personal experience.  That’s why I obtained bamboo and wood needles for myself.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the wooden needles but they are 7mm!  The bamboo, however, I have tried.  I have to say that it took very little testing for them to replace metal as my favourites!  It was quite strange, though.  One reason why I dislike plastic needles is that they seem to drag on the yarn terribly.  Now, there’s a similar sense of drag with bamboo needles (new ones, at least), but the yarn still moves more smoothly than with plastic.  A big plus is that they allow free movement of the stitches but aren’t as slippery as metal, which are often so slippery as to be difficult to handle without dropping stitches!  Also, bamboo needles don’t slip between fingers/thumbs as easily, and they don’t engender as much joint and/or muscle pain as metal.

All in all, bamboo gets my vote as best!

8 thoughts on “Remarkable Bamboo

  1. It’s always good to try more needles out. What you probably will discover is that certain needles match better with certain yarns and projects. I have a combination of wood, bamboo, and metal in my collection. (I have never liked plastic either). Personally I find cashmere blends need metal or it will stick to the needles and bamboo needs woods so it will stick to the needles. Try out different brands too. I tried about three different types off sock circs before discover Hiya Hiya and it’s all I’ve used for the last 3 years.

  2. I started with plastic needles, then had some metal ones. Neither really worked for me. Then I tried bamboo and I was sold, but I do love my wooden ones when I need some more slipperiness! As Keri said, it seems to depend on the project for me.

    • I used plastic first, too, until one broke – throwing bits in all directions 🙂 I still only have plastic in some sizes, but I’ll be replacing those 🙂 Must try wooden ones soon 😉

  3. When I was doing lacework on circulars, I adored my nickel plated needles (even if they are a bit slippery). For most other projects I currently use bamboo, but I see positive attributes in both and will probably get some more of the nickel plated at some point.

    Glad you found yourself a good fit! 🙂

  4. I dont like that way the plastic needles feel on my hands so I bought a whole set of cheapo ebay bamboo ones…they aren’t perfect but I have found them much better.

    Except for kntting socks…the smaller bamboo sizes broke easily so I got some metal needles and they are much better.

    I do find that bamboo are easier to grip and they also grip the yarn much better too so are easier on my achy hands.

    I’m hoping to get some KnitPro’s for my birthday in August!

    • I’ve yet to try making socks 😉 Fortunately, I’ve got most sizes in metal and/or plastic so if I encounter any problems, I still have options 🙂

      Hope you get the KnitPros 🙂

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