More Mitts?

Yes, I’m afraid so!  As a project to break up the strain of knitting the sweater in black, these mitts should prove effective!  It’s the Fable Fingerless Mitts pattern again, but now it’s an adventure.  I’m using the yarn Jenny bought for me yesterday as I only have 50g of it.  These mitts will be for Jenny.  So far, the first one looks like this:


Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP01

Fable Fingerless Mitts for Jenny - WIP01


I’m surprised at how firm the yarn knits up  but love the way the colours are working.  It might be the size needles I’m using – 3mm instead of 4mm as the Colinette yarn is Aran weight, not the double knit that the pattern calls for.  I still have so much to learn!  I’ve never had to adjust sizes for yarn weight before – keep your fingers crossed for me!  :D

As an aside…

The Colinette “ball band” includes a pattern for a hat with ear flaps.  The band says to view a photo of it on their web site but it doesn’t exist!  That’s why I decided not to use that pattern!  The yarn is interesting but Colinette really need to get their act together, judging by this and kate’s comments.


10 thoughts on “More Mitts?

      • I’m not surprised by men knitting at all. Even when I was a kid, there was a man in church who sat infront of us each week, and always had either a knitting or a crochet project he was working on while listening to people talk.
        Maybe because I grew up seeing men knit, I don’t find it as surprising as most? Dunno. But I still love to see men doing it. 🙂

      • I knew a man who knitted, back in my childhood 🙂 He was a genius 😀 I hope that I help destroy the notion that real men don’t knit 😉

      • o and..he was lets just put that stereotype away too please! (not that it matters either way either)
        And look at Alan Darts wonderful patterns. I hate to admit it…but, must you men be better at EVERYthing? lol

      • Quite right! In fact, chances are that most male knitters are straight 🙂 It doesn’t matter of course, though I do hope that nobody makes the mistake of thinking of me s Gay 😉

        LOL Phenomenal, aren’t they? 😉 My only complaint about his patterns is the length of the “making up” instructions :O I think there’s a wonderful balance in male and female creators 😀

  1. Fingerless gloves are my fav. thing ever to knit. Good luck with the yarn amount, as long as you can get more it’s not as stressful. I love the colourway 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve already made two pairs to this pattern – it’s just so easy! I’m praying that I can get a pair out of what I’ve got – the yarn’s more than four times what I’d normally pay 😉

  2. Love the colors in just the little bit in your pic! lol, even tho I know you’re ‘knitsteve’ somehow I didn’t really think you were a guy…you so rock.

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