Oh Delight!

Today, while hunting for 6mm DPNs and circulars, we found a delightful shop! I say “shop” but “Emporium” would really be more appropriate! Aladdin’s Cave in fact! Halfpenny Home is magical, to be totally honest.

Greeted with immense warmth, even though we’d never been there before, we were even offered a coffee/tea, as Nic (the owner) was just making herself one.  Oh bliss!  I was frozen on this cold, rainy day (yes, I’d forgotten to put on my posh new mitts!) and my fingers were totally numb!  Poor Jenny was still in shock, trying to take in the fact that she really was in this magical realm!  I must admit, I was equally awed by the hundreds of delectable bamboo needles, and yarns, and buttons, and…..  well, you get the idea! :D Coincidentally, too, Nic heard Jenny call me “Steve” and instantly knew that I was KnitSteve from Ravelry!  Nic’s another Ravelry member…

OK, so I didn’t find any of the 6mm needles that I needed, but Jenny did buy me a skein of gorgeous yarn (Colinette‘s Hullabaloo, Shade 146, Popsicle – Aran weight) and a pair of 3.75mm bamboo straight needles.  One thing I’m sure off: we will be going back!

As for those bamboo needles?  Well, I finally got to try some and I have to say – I love them!!  This sweater is growing much faster with those as they are so superior to the metal ones I was using, and the joints of my hands aren’t hurting anywhere near as much!

The 6mm needles are now on order from an eBay seller…  The hat will get completed!


7 thoughts on “Oh Delight!

  1. I started knitting on metal but quickly moved to bamboo when I discovered how absolutely amazing they feel. I have wrist issues and bamboo is so light and easy to use. Can’t wait to see how quickly that sweater flies off the needles!

      • Yeah, I definitely would have hit some cost issues if I’d tried to switch any later than I did. I had bought 1 pair of needles to learn on and one set of dpn’s to make my husband a hat when I discovered what metal did to my wrists. Bought a bamboo for the hat and never looked back! Now when people pass their old knitting stuff on to me, I put the metal needles up on Ravelry and trade/sell for new yarn!

  2. Your experience with Halfpenny Home was in direct contrast to mine from yesterday… at Colinette. I’m glad somewhere still does good customer service!

    Colinette are about an hour away, and I’d got a commission to knit a sweater. Went along, big sign on door (more obvious than the ‘mill shop’ sign) telling people there were no public toilets and they should go elsewhere. Went in, one person by till, mumbled greeting, disappeared. I was there for 30 mins or so; several people went through the showroom, no-one spoke to me, no-one offered to help, no-one came when I waited at the till. And yes, it was open. And yes, I left without getting answers to my questions or buying anything. Grrr.

    • So far we’ve been very lucky. We’ve had good service everywhere, though we still have favourite places. What a let down it must have been! These places need to understand that bad customer service has a wider impact, damaging their sales at all levels…

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