WIP-ping up a hat – Episode 3

I’ve had to slow down with this project, as I’m lacking the 6mm DPNs needed at the end.   I’m now working the decreases anyway, so the end draws close.

This project has gone very smoothly so far.  I just hope that it continues like that!


6 thoughts on “WIP-ping up a hat – Episode 3

  1. That looks like a lovely quick knit – and a really pretty hat too!
    I seem to do rather a bit with circular needles, I’m glad you are enjoying your first project with them 🙂

      • I love circular needles. Wait til you try 2 socks at once on them. When you’re done..you’re done! and they match up. My first project on circulars was a huge felted tote bag.

        Your hat looks great! Have fun.

      • They’re wonderful! Just wish I could manage to use them for small circumference things, like socks 😉 I’d love to be able to knit a pair at a time 🙂 The cables on all but one of mine are too stiff 😦 I’m making a bag on one at the moment 😉

        Thanks 🙂

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