Curiosity : A Poll

Having only used metal and plastic needles, and knowing what my personal preference of those two is, I’m also aware of how many other types other people have used.  Now, some of the alternatives are not exactly inexpensive, which is problematic on a limited income.  So I thought I’d ask the question!  What’s your favourite material for needles to be made from?  I’d be very grateful if you could respond to the poll below 

If you have further observations on the subject, I’d love to hear from you – just leave me a comment against this post, thanks.


N.B.:  This post will be “unstickied” on 1st. April.  The poll will, however, remain open.

29 thoughts on “Curiosity : A Poll

  1. Bamboo is good. but, definitely not for knitting during a car trip. Ask me how I know! I have a pair of Rosewood straights but, haven’t used them yet..

  2. How interesting — I was beginning to think that I was the only person who still liked knitting with metal needles. There’ve been quite a few wooden / bamboo broken needle tragedies among my knitting group, not much danger of that with mine. Bending, yes, but only under extreme stress…

    • I’ve heard of breakages and have had the misfortune of a plastic needle breaking rather explosively. Not something I’m keen on happening again! 😉 Most of my needles are inherited and there are a few bent metal ones – makes life interesting LOL! I have had the size end pull off a metal needle, and some have been unusable because the coating has worn off and they’ve corroded 😦 Other than that, my only problem with metal needles has been slipperiness 😉

  3. There are so many answers to this question.
    If I could choose I would only knit with perfectly shaped plywood, like Knit Pro’s needles.
    This is because I prefer wood as it puts less stress on your joints, on the other hand I can’t afford to replace all my needles with plywood, and so I prefer to knit with bamboo because it share the same quality as wood considering my joints. Then again bamboo doesn’t keep smooth over time and the needle points wear down, so when knitting something that requires really pointy needles I prefer my old metal ones…

  4. I have some hand-carved wooden hooks – 6 traditional ones and 5 tunisian ones – that will be mentioned in my last will and testament. I am not sure who the lucky crocheter will be, though. 😉

    Seriously, I cherish those hooks and would be heartbroken if I could not create with my “babies.” For long distance travel, though, I do prefer my plastic hooks. They are cheap and light-weight.

    • As most of our needles and hooks were inherited, I know that they will be treasured by the right person/people 🙂

      Never travel other than by car so weight isn’t an issue there 😉 It is, though, when the project is big 🙂

  5. I chose metal, because the only other one I’ve knitted with is plastic, which I strongly dislike! I don’t like the bendyness of it… I’m looking into trying the wooden KnitPro needles though, see how I get on with them 🙂

    • I’m the same 😉 And plastic always seems to drag on the stitches, upsetting the tension… My favourite magazine (Simply Knitting) is giving away a pair of 4mm bamboo needles in their next issue so I’ll be able to try those soon 🙂 Love to hear how you get on with the KntPro needles 🙂

  6. I loved the feel of my new (expensive) wooden circs. Tragically they lasted for 3 days before I sat on one. Back to metal for me!
    I found my new metal knit pros needed “working in” before I could get up any speed. They seem to have an invisible coating. I used DH’s fibreglass mode-l railway- track- cleaning -pen on them. Then they whizzed!

    • Oh that must have been so upsetting! 😦 I’m thinking of telling folk that KnitPro wooden or metal, straight and circular, would be very welcome on birthdays and at Christmas 😉 Even one pair LOL! Interesting that the metal were a problem in the beginning…

  7. I like metal. I found that wood or bamboo aren’t slippery enough for me and metal is cheaper anyway. And since I’m knitting on a budget…

  8. I prefer metal needles in most cases. They’re so smooth that I can knit very quickly without fear of snagging or splitting a stitch. Sometimes, however, they are too smooth. Like, when I’m knitting with a super-fine soft yarn or when I am working on dpns. For those times, I like to use bamboo. Slower, but fewer stitches get dropped and by extension, there are fewer tears and much less swearing.

  9. metal for the most part….sometimes I’ll use the knitpicks harmony needles if the yarn is a bit slippier than I’d like.

    I bend bamboo. I bend small metal needles too, for that matter. Tend to snap ebony, rosewood, etc, so rarely use those.

    • I’ve broken a plastic needle but not bent any kind so far 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying the pair of bamboo needles that Simply Knitting magazine are giving away with the next issue;) Judging by the results of this poll so far, I’m tempted to gradually expand the needles I own with bamboo, but if I get any wood ones, it’ll just be a limited range…

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    • I think you must be the first to prefer plastic 🙂 I can certainly understand preferring metal in smaller sizes – though I have more problems with those, as they make my finger joints painful 😉

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