Major Project Completed!

I finished my biggest project to date last night!  The pattern was in Simply Knitting magazine’s Simply Chunky Knits, under the title Big Softy.  It’s a wonderful cable sweater designed by Grace Melville.  It was a challenge, but only due to being the most significant single object I’ve attempted.

The photos make it look as though the sleeves are uneven but that’s a consequence of the size hanger I used!  The sweater’s a perfect fit, happily.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed making it.  I couldn’t get a 10mm circular needle, but the 9mm one I used for the neckband (which is worked in the round) worked fine.  Interestingly, I knitted it in Stylecraft‘s Life Super Chunky (Shade 2377 Sage) rather than just chunky.  Knowing that I was using a somewhat heavier yarn, I did try to adjust my tension to compensate.  The yarn’s beautiful to work with and is super soft.  It’s 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool.



10 thoughts on “Major Project Completed!

  1. Wow! It looks brilliant! Well done 😀

    I havent knitted anything so big yet…I cant seem to justify spending money on a whole load of yarn for one thing…which is why I’m knitting socks, shawls and scarves :S

    I hope to knit something big soon…maybe next month…

    • Thanks 🙂 Fortunately the yarn wasn’t expensive and it only took about 625g 😉 It’s well worth it anyway, for the immense sense of achievement 🙂

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