Tip: Pictorial Knitting

In making the Frog Beanie, I learnt something that I think is useful for anybody who knits pictures.  It would be very tedious indeed to portray ragged things, like grass, by using the normal Fairisle or intarsia methods.    I wanted just that effect on the Frog Beanie though!  After a few moments’ thought, I came up with a solution and the result demonstrated that it works.  Quite simply: slip stitches!  As I knitted the next row of a new colour (blue on the beanie) above the two rows of green (the grass base), I randomly slipped a stitch instead of knitting it!  By slipping it purlwise, with the yarn in the back on knit rows/in front on purl rows, an extended green stitch was carried up through the blue.  I also applied swapping by moving a stitch onto a cable needle and holding it at the front or back (depends on which will leave the slipped stitch visible on the right side) and then knitting/purling or slipping the second stitch to the right hand needle before knitting/purling or slipping the stitch off the cable needle.  That swapping gives a nice angled stitch.  The trick is to make sure that the slipped stitch stays visible on the right side and that it doesn’t get twisted!  I didn’t need anything too tall so didn’t make much adjustment to the tension of the stitches to be slipped.  If you want to raise it by several rows, though, I suggest that you make those stitches somewhat looser than the rest in the row where they’ll originate.

Assuming that the “right side” will be predominantly the knit view of stocking stitch, not the purl, then you’ll find that the distinctive V shape of a knit stitch enhances the effect.

A similar process would undoubtedly work with making other contributions to a picture, such as branches/twigs, vines, and such, especially using swapping as well.


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