Cable Creation

Having followed patterns that involved cables and slipped stitches, I decided that it was time for me to follow up on my desire to design my own cable patterns.  I mentioned Knit Design Studio in an earlier post and it was this that I used to create a chart.  I’m delighted with how the test swatch turned out.  I used double knit yarn and 4.5mm needles for it.

I named it Owl Totem cable because the second section, vertically, resembles an owl to me!  In addition to cables, the pattern includes slipped stitches to bracket the design.



2 thoughts on “Cable Creation

  1. Wow I love your pattern. I am partial to cables and this one is truly quite wonderful. I also followed the link to Design Studio. Thanks so much, I will be downloading that software and hopefully get into designing someday.
    Thanks again!


    • Thanks Cecily 🙂 Cables are my favourite and I’m hoping to explore using them in unusual ways. The entwined ropes look is classic, of course, but I’m learning that there are many more ways to use cable techniques 😉

      KDS is an excellent way to get started in design. Good luck with your own experiments 🙂

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