Flat Ted

It was Jenny’s birthday recently and I needed something a bit different for a card for her.  After some head scratching, I decided on a knitted Teddy bear shape holding a heart.  OK, decision made, now what?  I decided that I could use a pattern for a heart shape that I have in another pattern but the Teddy was another matter – I’d have to design one myself!  I’ve never done this before, of course, so  I could only start knitting and hope for the best.  So Flat Ted was born.

As I knitted, I made full notes, including the fact that I knitted the wrong leg first (which has been corrected in the pattern).  Because it was made from scratch, it’s not perfect, but I was pleased with the result.  Jenny was absolutely thrilled!  She fell in love with him right away!

Having made Flat Ted, I now have a desire to come up with other knitted shapes.


Flat Ted

Flat Ted


The pattern is available from my Free Patterns page.


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