A Mouse Dances!

Completed a Wee Mouse from a Raynor Gellatly pattern.  I made mine in white, with dark pink eyes and a pale pink tail.  When it was done, it was obvious that it needed a tutu!

Angelina Ballerina 1

It was a challenge as I didn’t  have a pattern for the tutu.  I had an idea of how to make one though.  At first, after casting off the tutu, it looked far too big, but I think it actually came out OK in the end.  I like the fact that it flares and has folds in it.

Fortunately, I wrote down everything I did so I can repeat it if I ever have too!  I guess that shows I must be learning something about knitting.

Of course, she’s a lookalike for Angelina Ballerina, but that really wasn’t my intention when I started working on her!  In fact, I chose to do the mouse in white in memory of two white mice I had as a child.

Angelina Ballerina 2

Perhaps in the future I’ll also make one that memorialises the two dark mice I had back then.  It could be the start of a longish range of toys, as I had many pets!

If anybody wants the tutu pattern, just contact me and I’ll send it.


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