Keep The Tea Warm!

Just before Christmas, my eldest son (Damien) asked me if I could knit him a tea cosy Naturally I confidently said “Yes” and worried about it later! Well, of course, I could find all sorts of patterns – in crochet. Eventually, I located one in an old pattern book: Patons Bazaar Time 172. In fact, it contains a few, but I could only envision making one of them. The Chunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy looked fairly simple, even if it did mean learning to use a cable needle. The problem I had was that I didn’t have enough yarn to make it in one colour. As a result, it’s made out of red on one side and black on the other, with a bottom border with the other colour on each side.  Jenny thinks it looks like a can-can dancer LOL!

Clhunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy
Clhunky Mock Cable Tea Cosy

I managed to finish it by Christmas Day, when I was finally able to sew it together, as Damien had the teapot it was for! He seemed happy with the result, at least


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