Loved My Christmas Gifts

I love the stuff my wife, Jenny, got me for Christmas Red heart I did choose one item myself, but the rest was a surprise!

The first was a great knitting bag that is “manly” enough to work for me – actually a briefcase Smile It came from Argos and has tons of pockets, is robust, light and can be carried with or without a shoulder strap.

The surprise consisted of a box full of knitting goodies Smile Three different balls of yarn (100g each) plus a collection of accessories of my own!  The accessories were a little craft box from The Range, a set of needles (for making up, not knitting needles), a great pair of scissors, some plastic stitch markers and a tape measure.  I’d been asking to get the last two items for a while and Jenny had put it of and put it off – now I know why! Open-mouthed smile The needles are great as they have big eyes, which I definitely need!

I’m nicely set up for my knitting adventures now Smile


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